Why Replace? When We Can Repair!

We started our business with that slogan back in 2000. We believe those words mean more now than ever before!  The goal of our company is to help you save money along with helping the environment. We can achieve both by extending the cosmetic life of your carpeting, thus keep your carpet out of your local landfill.

Bleach Spot Repairs * Red Stain Removal * Urine Stain Treatments * Odor Removal  *

Repair Pet Damages * Burn Holes * Traffic Area Treatments *

Over 19 Years Saving our Customers Money!

Locations- Henderson, KY * Evansville, IN * Louisville, KY * Lexington, KY

ColorFix Carpet Repair | SafeTouch | SmellNgood.com | Call Toll Free: 1-866-796-7479

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